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Company retreats, large-scale meetings, and major announcements. Your company has needs, and they often revolve around real-time communication and getting out a message. Whether you’re putting on a major conference and have outside employees or are looking to craft an encouraging message to your workforce, Epic Media Productions can help your next conference live streaming event be a major success.
Conference Live Stream Services by Epic Media Productions
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Video Equipment Camera and Tripod for Live Conference Live Stream Video
Only Perfect Quality Live Video Will Do

There is nothing that ruins a live streamed conference like grainy, low-definition video quality and terrible sound. We take sound and video quality seriously and use only the top of the line equipment when live streaming your conference. Our Sony HXC-D70 Studio Cameras, wireless intercom systems, and top of the line sound boards are just what is needed to make sure quality isn’t something with which you should be concerned. No one will miss a second!

Trust Us With The Details
Video production and live conference streaming are what we do each and every day, so why not trust the experts?
Why waste time with technical difficulties when you should be worried about the contents of your conference?
We have the experience you can rely upon

You have a message and are looking to be heard, as well as seen. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to attend your carefully planned conference. That’s where we come in. We take your vision and give it shape and sound. Your message becomes our own and we ensure your live streamed conference goes according to plan. We make sure no one will miss a thing.

Experience that can help bring your vision to reality

Webcams are a standard fare these days and are often fairly affordable. It’s tempting to hook one up and go live, streaming your conference to your whole company. Unfortunately, this can lead to grainy video quality and choppy sound.

Your next conference, live streamed

Live streamed conferences are the way of the future. With your company growing and expanding its footprint, it’s important to stay on the technological edge, bridging the gap between all employees and enabling them to be a valuable part of it. Whether you’re needing to broadcast a message regarding a new direction or announce your biggest year to date, we’ll help you get your message across to everyone in crystal clarity.

Let us make your vision a reality
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Live streaming a conference, especially on a larger scale, can be difficult. From managing the cameras to manning the soundboard, you need experienced individuals working in tandem to ensure it all goes smoothly. You don’t want to leave anything to chance. We put our reputation on the line so that your conference goes perfectly and you don’t have to worry.

Let Our Experience Be An Asset To You
Looking to live stream your next big conference? Have a message you want others to hear? Hire us today and let Epic Media Productions make your next live streamed conference the best one yet.
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